Tomas Kraus was born to be a soccer superstar with talent surpassing Thierry Henri. Unfortunately the day he was to be recruited, the scout sent by FIFA to contract his undeniably amazing footy skills was waylaid by an unfortunate bout of scurvy. But as they say, “When God closes a door, he opens a window”. This open window allowed Tomas to discover his second passion… sharing with the world his view as captured through the lens of a camera. Shooting in Calgary and around the world, his style continues to evolve and he strives to evoke strong reactions with a fresh and current eye on all he shoots.

       TKP, Tomas Kraus Photography specializes in Advertising, Editorials and Commercial Photography. We Art direct, Photograph, Process, Edit, Retouch, Animate, Fly, Travel, Scout locations and talent, all to meet our client's needs. We can handle all of the production procedures so you don't have to. We are much more than just a traditional photography service and we strive to out shine our competition. Our style is very sophisticated, extending from 15+ years of experience. Tomas is a top tier pro and has an extensive creative and professional network that can provide a full-service solutions to produce simple and complex projects. We have done work for some amazing clients such as CPrail, Hopewell, Swimco, Sportcheck, Golf Canada, Ernst and Young, just to name a few. 

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