Art Direction - Tomas Kraus Photography

Art Direction by Tomas Kraus

CP Rail Police Mess Books 

The Mess Dinner is one of the most important traditions of the Canadian Forces.  It's function is to  celebrates  and recognize tradition , pays tribute to fallen soldiers and inspires new recruits.

I have documented this event for 3 years for the CPR police and came up with the idea of presenting the event in a form of a book.  I have created the design of 2 books, focusing on the CP rail brand. 

I'm in charge of the  design, copywriting, photography and have managed all costs of production. It is a work in progress and will be published anually to help this tradition moving forward. We have  2  formats  for this book. A smaller version that is 10x10 inches that will be used as a coffee table book and a gift. The Larger version has 3 years of event coverage and will be used internally for archival purposes.

Girly Things Apparel - @girlythingsapparel

We are working with the concept of selling a look for girls using an arrangement of new and or used clothes and accessories. We are using Instagram and Snap Chat as the main social network channels. I came up with the use of the Triptych for this to show a variation 1 outfit can create.

Community Living  - Photography/Video and more

Just to name a few clients-  Hopewell, BriMor, Qualico, Melcore, Lavita. 

When I get hired to produce photos for our community developers, I also inevitably art direct. I work directly with the marketing managers to help them produce their marketing photography. This involves  scouting locations to figure out the best time to shoot,  thinking about what accessories we need to stylize the scenarios for the photos and educate the client on production costs. Oh and I do think up the scenarios. I bring together teams to help with production. I hire stylists, search out talent/models, and gather all props and equipment necessary to make any concept aesthetically  believable and  pleasing. I also bring in  other teams for aerial captures with drones and more. I pitch looks and styles of photography to my clients and help them understand current trends.  


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Editing and Photoshop experience

I do my own post processing and my own editing. The most important skill is attention to detail. Having 20 years experience working with Photoshop, anything is possible. I can create any look, treatment and basicaly magic with photos. Clients are amazed what can be done. I enjoy showing the before and after samples, especially with Show Home Parades because often these are developing communities that really need work to be showcased up to their potential.

Website design  -

I have been involved with art directing and designing websites. Best current example is Hitched and Hatched. It is a boutique wedding and portrait photography service. I used the Wordpress platform to produce this.

AdsEnRoute - Car Wraps

AdsEnRoute was most likely the first Car Wrap company in Calgary. We were the first to push the boundaries of mobile advertising concept using, then new,  3M printing materials. I was Art Director/Designer/Photographer and was responsible for the creation and production of all car wraps. We experimented with printing and materials. 

We pitched many clients and created Ads for Subway, Famous Players, and United way to name a few. My favourite designs that I created were for our own promo vehicles where I transformed a PT Cruiser into a city bus combining photographs and illustrations to create the look. It was like designing a dress for a car. It was bold and caught the attention of everyone, everywhere this thing went. Some liked it, others hated it, but it did the job - it was noticed.

T-shirt design and embroideries

I created a  clothing brand  "BullShirt". I designed T-shirts, shorts and dress shirts with the "Bullshirt" slogan. We  used  embroidery,  direct printing and silk screen to produce. We used our brand to sell  the product as a promotional piece for clients with the use of their own logos during Stampede events. This Brand is also a stand alone product for all Bull lovers. I used images and graphic design to push the bull. I negotiated prices to produce the clothes and purchasing price with the clients. We  made $20,000 on one single order of T-shirts with one client alone. Love it!!

Branding  - Dr.Scholten

I did branding for Dr.Scholten and his organization  NUCCA. I developed their logos and their image content. I produced flyers, mail outs, cards, and written manuals about good health and upper cervical treatments and exercises. 

Retail Fashion

I have been involved with retail fashion as a photographer, an art director and a graphic designer.

Working with Swimco directly I produced all the photography on location and in studio. We also helped with the logistics of shooting in the USA on location. I designed POS signage, bus boards and their catalogues. We exposed the client to a new way of presenting the catalogue. l took the traditional vertical magazine layout and made it horizontal to create a better sense of landscape and destination.  At that time the concept received great reviews.  I was involved with scouting talent and responsible for assembling my own creative team for all levels of production. I managed all printed materials.

Style and Culture.

I want to stress the word CULTURE. To build a brand today you need to understand and build a culture around your product. The best way to build a culture is to create a feeling and an experience  around your brand.  I understand the power of marketing through  the use of social networking. We live in an image filled Instagram world where all visual ideas live. Trends change fast. To stay connected you need to immerse yourself in the culture of now and keep pushing the boundaries.  Create and innovate. I shoot for me.

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